RJ Jones is a Certified Professional Photographer who is the lead photographer at RJ & Cheryl Photography and Artistic Boudoir Photography.

In addition to offering premium one-on-one photography mentoring, RJ teaches a weekly photography class in Southfield, Michigan, which is regularly attended by several pro and amateur photographers from the Detroit Metro area and beyond.

Occasionally, the weekly class also features special guest speakers on important topics ranging from fashion photography, wedding photography, and macro photography to fine art black-and-white printing and how to run a successful photography business.

As a photography instructor, RJ aims to help students of photography develop the kind of knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to shoot their own vision competently, creatively, and consistently.

RJ also emphasizes the need for the kind of art appreciation and visual literacy skills that not only open the minds of creative photographers to limitless possibilities, but also enables photo critics to cultivate informed, insightful, and even inspiring opinions of the diverse works of other photographers.

This very open-minded approach to the history, art, science, and business of photography is extended to the more than 5,000-member "Michigan Photographers" group on Facebook, which RJ founded during the coronavirus lockdowns in late 2020.

One of RJ's favorite pastimes is bird photography because it's a great way to enjoy nature while learning how to be truly patient and fully present.

RJ thoroughly enjoys spending time with 'the phenomenal woman of his dreams.' So, you will nearly always find him with his beautiful wife and fellow photographer, Cheryl Carvery-Jones, close by his side.

In their lives and work, both RJ and Cheryl are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

For more information, please visit the following links, click here, or simply call RJ and Cheryl at (248)910-4912.


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